Realize This Fact and You WILL Accomplish Your Goals


Nearly everybody talks about their dreams, aspirations and all of the things they want to do, and accomplish in their life however in reality only a small percentage of individuals actually succeed in these endeavors. It's a sad truth to bear: but most people are just not willing to do the things they HAVE to do to accomplish their goals. I can't begin to tell you how many people I talk to that consistently fail to do what they set out to do. The majority of these conversations sound something like this:

"Yeah, you know, I'm gonna do this and that and become something great"

and then after some time passes, I see them a year later or so, and simply ask them "hey, did you ever do what you said you were gonna do?"

Unfortunately the vast majority of responses are "Nah, I didn't end up doing it."

I ask "Why?" and their upsetting reply is "Well, you know, this came up, and that came up, and all this random stuff came up that stopped me from being able to do it."

These conversations make me think, & make me realize that any time you're trying to go towards a goal in life, no matter what that is for you, you might as well just realize and accept the fact that you're gonna have barriers, and obstacles that are gonna come up along the way. So, in order for you to get to where your goal is, you're gonna have to struggle however you must embrace the struggle and persevere through it, or else you're setting yourself up to quit.

I mean, If you think that your goal, which is some distant image in your mind is gonna have a clear highway to embark on, you're gonna be in for a depressing surprise because that is never gonna happen, so if you tell yourself that "hey, look, I wanna do {blank}." You might as well remind yourself to prepare for all of the the sh*t that you gotta go through in order to get wherever {blank} is.

This is necessary since there is not gonna be an easy path, you're gonna have boulders, and you're gonna have rainstorms, and you're gonna have snow, and you're gonna have hail.

All of this stuff is gonna hit you on your way, and the most effective way to get through it is for you to look upon all of those things as what they really are, and that is a test. These tests come upon your path to see if you really want it. For what good is to reach a goal or accomplish a feat, if it is just handed to you on a silver platter.

Instead of quitting you must develop the reality that even if you get through the rainstorm, you're still gonna have to go through the hail, and after the hail you may need to get through the blizzard.

Don't have this idea that going towards the goal, is just gonna be some easy ride.

It's not, nor should it be.

So adopt the mindset that allows you to anticipate the obstacles and produce this mental discipline, in order to get you from you are today to your goal.

So look forward to those obstacles, welcome them, get prepped, get ready to go, and do whatever you can to get through those obstacles, so you can accomplish what you set out to do.

Go Get it!

Vick Tipnes

Vick Tipnes