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Who is Vick Tipnes?

I was born in London, England and immigrated to Florida as a young boy with my Family. I always knew that I wanted to be an Entrepreneur from a very young age. I remember asking my Father, whom was also an Entrepreneur, if I found a business would he invest in it, I was 12…


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How to Get and Stay Productive

By Vick Tipnes | August 2018

How can I become more productive? And you know the funny thing is, I remember I wasn't so productive, like I used to spend a lot of time doing a lot of useless-stupid stuff...

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Are You Attracting Negativity?

By Vick Tipnes | August 2018

Take notice of the people that are doing well in life and you will see that they are nearly always putting out positive energy... 

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Don't Sell to People, Just Provide Value

By Vick Tipnes | August 2018

How do you think Apple is able to get tons of consumers to camp outside in a line for hours or several nights?

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Realize This Fact and You WILL Accomplish Your Goals

By Vick Tipnes

Nearly everybody talks about their dreams, aspirations and all of the things they want to do, and accomplish in their life however in reality only a small percentage of individuals actually succeed in these endeavors.

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